Vaping Weed vs. Smoking Weed

Vaporizing cannabis, also known as vaping, has become increasingly popular in recent years. Not much is known, though, about vaporizing and its effects. Let’s explore a bit of information about vaping and whether or not it is the best way to ingest your herbs.

What’s Vaping?

In a nutshell, vaping is heating cannabis herbs without burning them. The heat that vaporizing devices emit causes the active ingredients of your herbs to be released in the form of vapor, which you then inhale. No combustion takes place, so you will not see any smoke.

Vape products vary in size, shape, and functionality, so you can look around to find the right device for you. Some are small and fit into the palm of your hand while others are large and cumbersome, requiring a bit of setup.

Is It Safe?

There has not been significant research done on the effects of vaping cannabis, but users have perceived health benefits from using vaporizers. Vaporizing devices are also designed to eliminate the inhalation of harmful toxins found in smoke.

Research has shown that there are benefits to avoiding combustion, such as the presence of less carcinogenic compounds. However, inhaling any smoke can cause irritation to the lungs, so use caution when inhaling herbs.


If you have respiratory issues or experience irritation when inhaling smoke, you may find relief in vaporizers. Vaping does not produce smoke, so the lungs are less likely to become irritated.

The high experienced by vaping is also often reported as being different from combusted cannabis, likely due to the fact that no smoke is being inhaled. The lack of a smell of smoke and the taste of vaporized cannabis are also benefits.

Buy weed online smokers may also prefer vaping because short puffs can be taken instead of deep breaths, as you would when smoking. Vaporizing devices can be discreet as well, which make them easy to carry around and keep hidden away in your home.


There are some disadvantages to vaping, which mainly have to do with the preparation process. Because you will not simply be able to use a lighter and begin smoking, it takes more time to begin using vaporizing products. Users have to prepare the cannabis, heat their device, and clean the device after each use.

The price of vaporizers may also be a deterrent, as portable and desktop devices can be expensive. In the long run you may save money, but the initial investment can leave people looking at other options.

Does Temperature Matter?

The temperature on the vaporizer you use matters a great deal, as this affects the amount of toxins that will be inhaled while partaking in the activity. This is more relevant for medicinal users than recreational users, who may simply choose temperatures based on preference.

Vaporizing cannabis is a bit different from smoking it, from set up to break down. If you choose to vape, make sure you choose a product that is right for you and allows you to achieve the desired experience.